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For Parents of Kids With Autism in NYC Area…

How This Child With Autism Matured 18 Months in a Short Time

David (name changed for privacy) is a six-year-old boy who was diagnosed with autism two years ago.

When we first started working with David, his social skills were similar to that of an 18-month old child. His challenges included:

  • Communicating wants and needs
  • Conversing
  • Motor skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Age-Appropriate Play
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David’s parents were very devoted to taking care of him. They first noticed that something was amiss when David struggled to eat at 12 months of age. Due to their proactive efforts to get help, David was approved for Early Intervention by 18 months. He eventually received placement in a  special education program.

Parenting a Child on the Spectrum – No Easy Task

Parenting David is not easy. David’s parents Greg and Elisa (names changed for privacy) struggle with getting their child to follow instructions, complete day to day basic daily living skills, and socialize with them and others. David’s hyperactivity was especially burdensome for Greg and Elisa. It seemed like he was doing something different every two seconds. It’s stressful to constantly worry about your child and whether or not he is breaking something.

Like many parents of kids on the spectrum, Greg and Elisa worried that David may struggle to enjoy experiences we take for granted: independence, love, and deep friendships.

Early Attempts to Help David

David was sent to special education programs and given a variety of services, but made inconsistent progress and regressed at times.

While David’s special education professionals worked hard to help him develop, their work was always interrupted by spring, summer, and winter break. David would slide back to his old ways during vacation. It was frustrating for both the parents and the teachers.

Finally, Greg and Elisa had had enough of watching months of progress in special education revert to nothing on spring break. They reached out to ABS Behavior Services in search of a comprehensive, lasting treatment program that could help David for the long term.

Watching David Grow

On March 3rd, 2018, we began treating David here at ABS Behavior Services.

We implemented a program that would help David learn to communicate, be less hyper, and improve his motor skills.

Our goals are to help David reach his unique potential as an individual, and to give him the tools he needs to some day be an independent adult capable of holding a job and developing relationships.

David has made remarkable progress since that time. While he still has a long way to go, David is operating at a three-year-old level across a variety of skills that he used to posses at only an 18-month skill level.

Greg and Elisa are excited to report that David has improved his ability to make requests, use language, follow directions, complete some daily living skills, use social skills, and be aware of and integrate with his community

Looking forward, Greg and Elisa are optimistic that David will continue to rapidly improve across the board.

The Secret Ingredients to David’s Success

Some of the parents who seek out our help confide in us that their child is already receiving ABA services, but that they are dissatisfied with the results.

One of the big challenges faced by ABA clinics is keeping up with staffing needs. Unfortunately, autism is an epidemic today that affects 1 in 37 boys, and 1 in 151 girls (or 1 in 59 children on average).

Children need therapists who care deeply for them and who can forge profound human connections with their patients.

It’s not easy to find quality therapists.

Though every case is different, we believe that one reason why some ABA programs fail to meet the expectations of parents is that some therapists just aren’t up to the task of giving their patients the care they need.

Don’t get us wrong- there are so many amazing therapist out there. But some children slip through the cracks.

If you’ve ever heard people say that ABA can be cold and mechanical, that’s 100% a function of how the therapist shows up, interacts with the child, and establishes a healthy connection with the child.

At ABS Behavior Services, we maintain very high standards. As the clinical director, if I wouldn’t let someone give therapy to my own child, then I won’t hire them.

So that’s the first ingredient to David’s success: an incredible and motivated ABA therapist who cares about him.

The second ingredient is the willingness of David’s parents to work with us to help him. That involves implementing new routines and playing certain games.

Greg and Elisa enjoy the tools we give them to help David because they find that he is a lot easier to parent these days than he used to be.

Greg and Elisa can relax a lot more than they were just a few months ago.

The third ingredient in David’s success is a program that is tailored to his specific needs, drawing on our many years of experience in the field.

The Most Important Move Greg and Elisa Made

The day that Greg and Elisa decided they were ready for better help is the day that made all the difference.

I admire every parent of a child on the spectrum. It’s incredibly difficult to take care of a child with autism, and you have plenty of strain on your life without seeking out treatment.

Greg and Elisa made the call and we were able to get started helping David very quickly.

It was one of the best choices they ever made for David.

There’s Hope For Your Child

Imagine train tracks that stretch all the way to the horizon. If you alter the course of those train tracks just a couple of degrees, they will end up miles away from where they point now.

ABA therapy is about helping your child change direction just a little bit now, so they end up at a totally different destination in the future.

By helping children with autism learn the communication, social, and life skills they need, we can help them live more independently for the rest of their lives.

There is hope for your child.

Now It’s Your Turn

Would you like a free strategy session on the phone to discuss your child’s challenges?

We can discuss solutions to whatever you have on your mind, including:

  • Toileting issues
  • Temper tantrums
  • Social skills issues
  • Difficulty performing routines
  • Communication deficits
  • And more…
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Important: the only way we can offer the most up-to-date services and highest quality staff is by maintaining the independence to only accept private insurance, not Medicaid.

It is with our deepest regrets that due to regulatory restrictions that would hold us back as a clinic, we cannot help kids with Medicaid. We do hope that as awareness spreads, the rules will start to change and more kids will be able to get access to what we offer.

ABA therapy is about helping your child change direction just a little bit now, so they end up at a totally different destination in the future.

By helping children with autism learn the communication, social, and life skills they need, we can help them live more independently for the rest of their lives.

There is hope for your child.

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