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What To Look For When Choosing an ABA Agency For Your Child?

ABA – otherwise known as applied behavioral analysis – can be an important part of the healthy development of your child. However, as with any other choice, making sure that you have made the correct decision for your child can feel overwhelming, to say the least. There are a plethora of factors that should be considered prior to you making a selection for the best fitting ABA agency for your child.

What Factors Should I Consider?

Many parents worry, going into their search for ABA therapy that they are going to struggle to find the best fit for their child – after all, finding a therapist that is able to properly assist an adult can be difficult, and therefore it is assumed that finding a therapist who specializes in ABA services for children may be even harder, as children lack the communication skills needed to express their exact feelings and emotions.

One of the most important questions parents can ask about an ABA Therapy provider is “who operates the business?”

This is one of the most important initial factors to consider when you are attempting to make a selection for your child. A simple google search will likely provide you with plenty of ABA agencies in your area that will provide services, however, almost any parent will tell you that the quality of the services their child is receiving is almost always the most important.

Recently, more and more ABA agencies have been opening up – and many of them are not owned by certified clinicians or BCBAs. These individuals have studied and practiced applied behavior analysis for quite some time and are often considered professionals in the field. ABA agencies owned by clinicians, such as Achievement Behavioral Services, place quality as their top priority.

Typically, children who receive ABA therapy are children who fall somewhere on the autism spectrum – making it even more difficult for parents to feel that they have made the best choice for their child. Autism can feel overwhelming, and finding the best method of treatment can be hard. Therefore, there are several factors that a parent should consider when attempting to select and ABA agency to work with their child.

Ask yourself “who is working with my child?”

Parents often struggle with simple choices for their children, such as choosing the best babysitter. When it comes to ABA therapy however, these choices are even more important. You want to know that your child is in the best hands and that the recommendations being made for your child are ones that are in their best interest – not in the best interest of the profit of a company.

Achievement Behavioral Services focuses on ensuring that all decisions made are in the child’s best interest – not in the interest of the business or in the interest of maximizing profit. Therefore, as a parent, you know that any decision made is going to be made based on the evaluation and progress of your child – saving you from the hassle of worrying if your child’s well being is being considered as part of the business’s bottom line.

Parents can help their children thrive by choosing a clinician-owned and run ABA Therapy provider.

Though it may be stressful to pick an appropriate provider for your child, Achievement Behavioral Services promises to provide you with only the facts. Our team consists of trained specialists. We provide an initial evaluation of your child, with an explanation of the evaluation to you, the parents. If we believe your child is a good candidate for ABA therapy , we will discuss therapy options with you to determine what will best fit your child’s needs.

Once your child has been evaluated, we will begin providing in-home services – allowing you and your child to feel at ease with the care you are receiving. Progress and updates will be provided to you, along with any recommended additional services. ABA provides parents with the ability to see their child grow and flourish, as well as the ability to ensure their child is receiving the care they need to succeed later in life.

Selecting a Provider

Ultimately, the choice of providers belongs to the parents. However, the factors discussed above are important during the selection process. They provide parents with a baseline of information necessary to ensure that their children are receiving the best care. Speaking with the agency operators prior to your selection will ensure that you have a strong baseline of who is working with your child and providing them with the care they need to become successful in their adolescence.

Ensuring that your child works with a team of well-trained clinicians is one of the most important steps in ensuring your child will be successful. Of course, you are more than welcome to have other questions – asking how the therapists will respond to certain situations, as well as the process of evolution through therapy are also important factors to consider. No one, but you, knows the most important aspects of development for your child – and therefore, you want to ensure that your child is receiving the exact services they need.

We encourage you to contact Achievement Behavioral Services if you have questions or concerns about our ABA therapy options. Our evaluation team will be more than happy to answer questions you have. Furthermore, we make decisions based on the well being of your child – meaning that if we feel that they will not be a good fit for ABA therapy, we will let you know upfront.

Ultimately, making the best choices for your child can be hard – and ABS wants to help you make sure that your child is receiving the services they need to be successful. Our team of certified clinicians is eager to assist your child in making personal progress by putting your child and their personal needs first.

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