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ABA Treatment Services in The Bronx

ABA Therapy in The Bronx

Having a child with autism can be the most challenging thing you can face as a parent. It is not what you expected when you made the decision to become a parent, and certainly not what you may have hoped for. At Achievement Behavior ABA in the Bronx, we know exactly what you’re going through, or have a really good idea about what you are facing.

We have seen a wide range of behaviors from children on the spectrum. Many of these behaviors can make parents feel lost and confused, and though it sounds strange, that is exactly your “normal.”

What we attempt to do is help you and your child learn better behaviors and better coping skills through ABA therapy. To get a better understanding of what these services include, the following is provided.

Applied Behavior Analysis in The Bronx
Achievement Behavior ABA works in five of New York’s boroughs, including The Bronx. We set up and send a certified ABA analyst or licensed therapist to your home to start the applied behavior analysis process.

The therapist assesses your child in his/her home environment and then makes recommendations for a treatment plan. The ABA therapy agency (that’s us!) then writes a formal therapy plan that includes in-home ABA therapy activities and training to help you as parent(s) work with your child and maintain consistency during treatment.

Achievement Therapy Services Begins When We Find the Right Therapist for Your Child
Each child on the spectrum has unique therapy needs. We want to be absolutely certain that your child is paired with the best possible therapist right from the start. This may take some time, but when we have the right person we will notify you and schedule a time to introduce the therapist to you and your child in person.

This is the therapist that will be working with your child on various activities and tasks to decrease negative behaviors and increase positive behaviors. It is a scientifically tested process that is proven to have great success with the majority of children with autism.

The tasks or activities may just seem like games and playtime to you, but they have set goals and outcomes attached. The therapist assigned to your family will explain what each task, toy, and “game” is doing to teach your child better behavior.

ABA Home Care
While some children may benefit from center-directed care, older children who have never had ABA therapy before will benefit more from the ABA home care option.

Your child’s therapy sessions will be based on the treatment plan and the frequency the agency feels is most beneficial for long-term outcomes. The therapist may visit your home for up to four times a week, between one and three hours each time.

In addition to helping your child become less challenging to care for, you get a break during part of these sessions. Your child gets a lot of the structure he/she craves which is often impossible to achieve at home when and if there are other children in the house that require your attention.

After a few weeks or months of the sessions, you may be asked to join in and help administer the tasks to see how they are creating a more positive change in your child.

Social Skills Groups
Training and education doesn’t end when ABA is complete either. We have social skills groups for older children. These groups help preteens and teens navigate the very tricky waters of friendships and personal relationships as they get older.

The social skills address diversity, reading people’s expressions, and watching for nonverbal cues that teach them what to expect from people. Reactions are important to learn too.

Your older child on the spectrum will be learning a lot of these things if you continue services through Achievement Behavior Services her in New York City and your own home in your own borough.

Advocacy in the Community
A lot of our Bronx parents report that their schools don’t seem to understand their children or that they feel unsupported by their children’s teachers. It helps to have professionals in your corner to advocate for you and your child. Services in school are just as important as those your child receives outside of school.

When you and your child begin ABA with Achievement Behavior Services, we advocate for whatever your child needs. This includes therapies in school, special placements in classroom settings, tools and learning devices that make communication easier and better, etc..

We are there for you, and it helps ease the burden of trying to get what you need for your child to be as successful as he/she can be. Every child on the spectrum has potential; we’ve seen it. We want to be the ones to help your child achieve it.

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    Outcomes and Goals Expected Through ABA
    Regardless of where your child falls on the autism spectrum, there are expectations and goals set that are entirely achievable. Our expert and highly trained therapists will be working with your child to help him/her gain the maximum level of personal independence possible, and that includes dressing, bathing, feeding, and life skills.

    Our therapists also attempt to extinguish behaviors related to self-injurious actions, disruptive behaviors, aggressive behaviors and actions toward others, and teaching your child to self-regulate in times and places where he/she feels stressed or anxious.

    While many of these skills eventually develop and come naturally to people not on the spectrum, they have to be taught and done with repetition to children on the spectrum until these skills are second-nature. Thankfully, with as quickly as kids on the spectrum learn things, it may be possible to learn and adapt at a rate unexpected.

    As a parent, you can view your child’s treatment file and goals at any time. Therapists are expected to keep detailed notes on your child’s progress. You will meet with the therapist once a month or once every other month.

    This is meant to problem-solve areas where progress may not be moving as expected and/or highlight areas where your child has progressed immensely. If and when your child meets a goal, the goal is set aside for a new one, and the old goal is revisited only when needed.

    process Our Process

    How It Works?

    Research over the last 40+ years has shown the efficacy of ABA Therapy for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
    ABA not covered by your insurance? We can help! Open enrollment to buy a supplement single plan insurance November 1 to November 15. Contact Achievement Behavior Services for more information today.


    A member of our administrative team has a deep discussion with everyone once they first arrived.

    Behavior analysis focuses on the principles that explain how learning takes place. Positive reinforcement is one such principle. When a behavior is followed by some sort of reward, the behavior is more likely to be repeated. (516) 229-1194

    Insurance Eligibility

    During your discussion with our admin team, you'll be given paperwork regarding your insurance. as long as your children have an official diagnosis, most of our services are eligible for insurance coverage.

    We offer Behavior Intervention Plans for families who live in the New York as well as in the New Jersey area. We'll help parents to create a BIP that describes any problem behaviors that are known. Contact us at (516) 229-1194 for info today!


    Once insurance eligibility has been determined, your child will be evaluated. During this evaluation, their skills are assessed to determine where to begin their therapy.

    At our Social Skills, Groups Staff and parents act as authors who exchange information with ASD children through a formulated process. Contact Achievement Behavior Services for more info. We have locations in the New Jersey and New York areas.


    After evaluating your child, a complex action plan is created. These plans target specific behaviors in need of adjustment. As you progress through the treatment, these plans will be further refined.

    A huge thank you for finding me the BEST two ABA therapist. Sophia and Grace are true rock stars and walking angels. Their skills combined with kindness and patience of a saint have truly helped Sophie progress. Sophie, me and her dad, are truly grateful for all of you!


    A big thank you to Esti Perl, Intake coordinator, for helping us navigate the insurance information. We were never provided by other agencies all our options. We were struggling to find Full-Time employment and pay for ABA therapy caused us tremendous stress. Esti has helped us save so much money, and we received the very best ABA therapist.


    We can’t be grateful enough I had an excellent experience with Achievement behavior services. The therapist assigned to my son went above and beyond. The BCBA would come every week to see how my son was progressing. They were always very punctual and professional. My child made excellent strides. They also do parent training nights that are very insightful and give good practical advice on various different subjects.


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